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101 things I hate:part1:people walking with cigarettes.

September 16, 2008

101 things I hate: Part 1: People walking with cigarettes.

1. People walking with cigarettes.

Ok, so tonight I’m going to write about a few things I hate. Well, just one for now, but it’s one that raises my heart rate every time I see it. There are plenty of other things, including graffiti on sculptures, but we’ll go into that some other time. For today, I’m going to rant on and on about Cigarettes, People Walking With. I can imagine being a smoker and being relieved to be in the fresh air so you can finally take out your first cigarette of the hour.
The wind in your hair.
The sounds of the city around you.
The bustling crowds.
The yellow and blue buses going by.

The sound of someone screaming because you’ve just stabbed their hand with your cigarette while you were walking ‘briskly’, that is to say, not actually FAST, but with the look of an urbanite trying to look busy.

Those little arms of yours pumping away with the cig in between your fingers. Oh, little do you know (or care) about others jumping away so that you don’t burn a hole into their clothing or their soft, tender flesh. (The temperature of a lit cigarette is 580 degrees C for proof) Imagine that. Imagine that being swung around with wild abandon. Imagine why I hate those people. Why are you smoking while you walk? Can you really not wait until you get home? Why must you, must you smoke? If you really need to smoke while you’re walking, couldn’t you be a tiny bit more careful and hold it in front of you so that others don’t have to be constantly vigilant for such dangers in their midst? Thank you.

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