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le musical du theresa

October 19, 2008

Bit of background first: I love cheesy musicals. The cheesier, the better. I have an accent that’s hard to place, so people often ask where I’m from. This song evolved from that concept….I’m warning you though, it’s cheesy!

———-brief party———


Michelle: Why are we out here and everyone’s in there?
Theresa: Because we’re on the outside looking in. No one wants us.
Voice from within: Michelle! There you are! Come on in!
Michelle: Yay!
Theresa: Ohhhhhh………

(music begins)

If only I could be from somewhere
I would come leaping from ev’ry lair
the clothes from my limbs I would tear
If that’s how I could truly beeee
as everyone could clearly seeeee
……if only i could be…..from somewheeeeeeeeere……

Michelle: (harmonizing)

It’s true, you are a loner
Sad and outside, a moaner
Ring that bell, let people know, you’re there
So we know, to avoid, just where
We know you aaaaaaaaaaare……..


If only I (you) could be from somewherrrrrrreeee….


The rooms I dwelt in would be lined in gold
And also my ice cream would always stay cold
I’d see clearly, my vision twenty-twenty
And my herbal tea would always be pepperminty
If only I were from somewheeeeeere.

There’s no doubt about it, but you can’t pout about it,
No longer must you wait until the hour grows late
If what I heard’s right, Your somewhereness comes tonight!
Finally you’re from somewhere! Don’t cry! It’s all right!

Oh, the time has finally come…..I can feel myself change
I no longer feel like filthy scum…..My locational range
Has drastically focused…I’m from somewheeere!
My hair! Is it mussed? I’m going inside! In theeeere!

(Voices from inside)
Oh, there you are,Theresa! We were looking ,everywhere, for you!
Listening to you is now, easy! You’re from around here, aren’t you?
(random person) We can all tell, simply from listening, to your perfectly unaccented voice!
Come inside! Please do! Three cheers! let’s all rejoice!


Now (I’m/she’s/you’re) finally from somewhere!

(music ends)

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