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Your friendly neighborhood guide to herbal medicine.

October 21, 2008
Panax quinquefolium (ginseng)

Panax quinquefolium (ginseng)

Ever been to the pharmacy and stood in front of the vitamins and minerals section feeling slightly overwhelmed by the sheer selection?

This guide will help you out a bit- while it’d be impossible to list every medicine for each condition and talk about them all, a general overview can be useful and aid in choosing what you need.

It is important to bear in mind that just because they have the word ‘herbal’ or ‘natural’ on the label doesn’t mean they can’t be harmful- keep within the recommended dosage and if you are pregnant or think you may be, please ask your pharmacist for advice. The brands mentioned below are for sale in the Irish Republic.

General Health & Wellbeing:

· Ä-Z Multivitamins

· Ä-Z with Probiotics

· Wellman/Wellwoman

· Multivitamin with Iron

· Vivioptal vitamin syrup/Vivioptal Active

· Tonics- Seven Seas/Minadex, Effico

· Berocca

· Multibionta Activate

· Pharmaton Capsules

· Microvitamins

· Udo’s Choice Oil Blend

· Cold Pressed Flax Oil (FMD)

· Cod Liver Oil

· Omega 3/6 oils

· Pure Omega Oil Capsules

· Kelp

· Spirulina (muscle buildup- for athletes and convalescence)

· Camu Camu

· Co-Q10


Pharmaton Capsules and Udo’s Choice Oil Blend.

Female Health:

· Wellwoman

· Multivitamans for Women

· Spatone Iron

· Multivitamins with Iron

· Evening Primrose Oil

· Femlieve (Agnus Castus)

· Floresse Pure Starflower Oil (twice the GLA of Evening Primrose)

· Floradix Liquid Iron formula

· Sona Starflower Oil

· Galfer Syrup

· Agnus Castus

· Maca


Femlieve and multivitamins with Iron

(for irregular menstruation- a few months is needed to re -establish the menstruation cycle)

Maca is also very useful for hormonal problems- please talk to your pharmacist .

Male health

· Wellman

· Multivitamins for Men

· Selection of Omega 3/6 oils and Fish Oils

· Magnesium (Wassen brand also has B vitamin complex.)

· B complex

· Udo’s Choice Oil Blend

· Cold pressed flax oil

· Prostaid (Vit. B6, Saw Palmetto, Zinc, &c)

· Spirulina


Spirulina is an excellent source of protein needed for muscle buildup, particularly if you are a weightlifter.

Saw palmetto and flax seed oil both balance prostate hormones. Males over 50 should have a regular prostate examination, particularly if they have a family history of prostate problems.


Particularly common amongst menstruating and very active women.

· Spatone Iron

· Multivitamins with Iron

· B complex vitamins (particularly B12)

· Clonfolic

· Folic acid One-a-day complex

· Boots Iron

· Sona Brewer’s Yeast

· Floradix Liquid Iron formula

· Galfer syrup/tablets

· Vitamin C


Boots Iron- a source of organic iron is better absorbed than inorganic iron (e.g Galfer)

B complex vitamins are also recommended.

Vitamin C aids absorption of Iron and is a good idea anyway as women with particularly active lifestyles can often suffer from a suppressed immune system. An effervescent vitamin C drink is good to wash down an iron tablet with!

Try an omelette with spinach- tasty and plenty of iron!

Immune system

· Super strength Ester C

· Vitamin C- Redoxon, Boots, Haliborange, Beeline.

· Zinc- with or without vitamin C

· Iron & Vitamin C (Boots)

· Echinacea & Vitamin C/ Echinacea & Zinc

· Echinacea alone (Boots, Beeline)

· Berocca

· Zinc


Beeline Echinacea, Vitamin C & Zinc- it is recommended to take two tablets if you feel worn down by the stresses of life or if you feel a cold/flu coming on.

Take one daily if you are under stress, such as while preparing for exams or experiencing personal problems.

Coldsores are a common symptom of a suppressed immune system- rather than treating the symptom by using viralief or zovirax, attack the cause by improving your immune system.

Extra energy

· Berocca

· Wellman Energize

· Boots Effervescent Re-energize

· Proplus ‘Wake up’

· Multibionta Activate

· Pharmaton Capsules

· Berocca Boost (new)

· Boots Korean Ginseng

· Red Kooga Exercise

· Greenline Ginseng

· Maca

· Camu Camu


Maca and Pharmaton capsules.

In this day and age it is easy to fall into the trap of consuming stimulant energizers such as coffee and other caffeine drinks. The pharmacy is no different- ginseng and guarana (conatained in Berocca Boost) are both stimulants and can cause the same side effects as caffeine (increased heart rate, jitteriness, sleeplessness and so on) . Ä better way to increase your energy is to sleep the recommended number of hours a day (7-8) , taking naps if necessary, eating a well balanced diet with plenty of green vegetables and protein.

Prayer or time spent in reflection is also a good way to reduce stress and increase your energy levels.Maca is a good all-around energy booster and this together with pharmaton capsules would fill gaps in your diet.

Brain function

· Omega 3.6/ Fish Oils

· MorDHA (recommended for memory )

· MorEPA

· Pure Omega Oil capsules

· Udo’s Choice Oil Blend


· Vitamin E (Boots 800iu/400iu strengths, Seven Seas, Lane’s)

· Perfectil Platinum

· Perfectil Skin/Hair/Nails

· Imedeen (Time perfection/ Classic/ Tan optimiser/ prime renewal)

· Boots Skin, Hair and Nails

· Boots Beauty Skin perfection (lutein, lycopene, kelp)

· Arnicare (gel or cream) (for bruising)

· Udo’s Choice Oil Blend

· Manuka honey (wound healing/scarring)

· Iodine tincture (for cuts./minor wounds)

· Coconut oil (dry skin)

· Almond oil (dry skin)

· Glycerine & rosewater, (dry skin)

· Boots Tea tree natural antiseptic cream/oil. ( for skin prone to breakouts)

· Thursday Plantation Tea tree oil (as above)

· Calendula cream (for rough skin)

· Cradle Cap ointment

· Olive Oil (for cradle cap)

Recommended: Vitamin E tablets or vitamin Ä (retinol) in small doses (vitamin Ä should be limited in pregnancy as it is teratogenic).

Digestive health/detox

· Ä-Z probiotic

· Fibresure

· Benefibre

· Cynara milkthistle (liver detox)

· Sona milk thistle (liver detox)

· Peppermint oil

· Fibe (lactobacillus, bifidobacillus, apple fibre, acacia)

· Diuretik (dandelion, burdock, celery seed)

· Boots Alternative Easy Digest

· Activated Charcoal with FOS prebiotics

· Cold pressed flax oil

· Udo’s Choice Oil Blend

· Udo’s Choice Digestive Enzymes

· Acidophilus

· Sona Brewer’s Yeast

· Lecigram (lecithin granules, helps fat breakdown)

· Bromelin One-a-day.

· Boots Prebiotics and Probiotics

· .Nelsons Travella (homeopathic)

· Califig (constipation)

· Fybogel

Recommended: Udo’s Choice Digestive enzymes, Boots prebiotics & probiotics for general problems and Fybogel for constipation. Symptoms of digestive upset include bloating, nausea, constipation/diarrohoea, lacklustre skin/hair and a sluggish feeling.

Nasal congestion

· Karvol decongestant

· Olbas range (recommended)

· Fisherman’s friend

· Sterimar (seawater microspray)

· Haymax organic drug free balm

· SinuHay (recommended for allergies)

· Friar’s Balsam


· Manuka Honey.

· Glycerine & aniseed syrup.

· Glycerine, honey & lemon.


· Feverfew

· Boots Cooling head stick (recommended)


Buttercup cough medicine (contains squill, good for deep, chesty coughs.)

Anxiety/ insomnia

· Kalms

· Bach Rescue cream/remedy/remedy spray.

· Quiet Life (passiflora & valerian)

· Sona Relax,

· Rescue Sleep/Rescue pastilles

· Natracalm

· Badger sleep balm

· Natrasleep

· Valerian Root

Recommended: Sona Relax and Natrasleep.

Ä lavender bath, milk before bed and relaxing tapes can all be useful.

Avoid tea or coffee at least four hours before bed.

Exercise regularly- this is extremely effective.

Try and reduce stress in your lifestyle. Make time for prayer and relaxation.

For snoring:

· Sleep well cones (acupressure).

· Boots snoring remedy (spray)

· Stop Snoring throat spray

· Snoreze

· Silence (recommended)

· Stop Snoring silver ring (Acupressure)

For pain:

· MSM (methylsulphonylmethane) (anti inflammatory)

· Clove oil (dental pain)

· Menthol & wintergreen cream (muscular pain)


· Slimthru (palm oil fat emulsion, gives you a full feeling)

· Apple Cider (diuretic, reduces water retention).

· Fibre extracts (see under ‘digestion’) (full feeling)


· Califig,

· Fibre extracts (see under ‘digestion’)

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    · Slimthru (palm oil fat emulsion, gives you a full feeling)

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