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Ipod sketch

April 23, 2009

If you click on the brushes taga tthe bottom of this post, you’ll see a few of my sketches painted in the iphone/ipod touch Brushes app. Here are a couple more inspired by the disney background artist/plein air painter Xiangyuan Jie. You can check out the magnitude of his talent at . I link because I love. His colour sense is beyond amazing. You can feel the wind gently ruffling your hair as you stand on a clifftop faced with the unending horizon of the great Pacific Ocean. He reminds me of a cross between Pisarro, master of atmosphere and a modern-day Zorn. That gives it two Theresa Thumbs Up (TTU™). Here are the sketches I did on the train a few days ago, I was on a roll (pun intended).

ipod brushes theresa ryanipod brushes theresa ryan art

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