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The Trees Have Eyes final.

June 28, 2009

One evening, when both the moon and the sun were in the sky at the same time and the evening star burned bright,  Lucy left home for the last time.

The trail turned into a forest, dark and wild. Though she knew she shouldn’t, Lucy went in.  The trail became smaller and disappeared and the trees grew closer together and thicker.  The sky vanished overhead and the only sound was that of Lucy’s feet parting the grass gently.  She was unafraid.

She came to a little clearing with mushrooms of many colours. Cerulean foxgloves and chartreuse moss padded the fallen tree trunks. She sat down on one, a little tired and keeping quiet in the hopes of seeing one of the white doves that she heard populated the forest. She heard a quiet breathing.  It was gentle and vibrated the ground slightly. Look as she may, she could not locate the source of this breathing. The tangled roots gave no shelter to any creatures and the blades of grass were undisturbed. It was clear that this area was not one frequented by any of the animals of the forest.

Lucy began to wonder why and she turned over the little yellow stones around the stumps.  A movement caught her eye and she jerked her head upwards, only to be met by hundreds of eyes gazing down at her from all around  her. The trees had eyes; they were watching her every movement.

The source of the breathing was no longer a secret. She had spies on each shoulder. How will she escape the fingers of the rustling roots?

the trees have eyes theresa ryan

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  1. fii7e permalink
    June 30, 2009 9:39 pm

    theresa! theresa!!
    I like it :c)

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