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Got the Munchies?

July 23, 2009
The Scream, 1893

The Scream, 1893

Everyone knows the Scream.

Now everyone in Ireland can see it for themselves  from 19 September until 6 December 2009 in the National Gallery in Dublin!

From the National Gallery website:

‘This exhibition from the Munch Museum in Oslo is dedicated to prints by Edvard Munch (1863-1944). Featuring 40 of the finest prints spanning his career,
the works have been specially chosen to illustrate his development as a graphic artist. Edvard Munch, Norway’s greatest artist, was enormously influential internationally. Munch’s earliest works were Impressionist in style, but
he achieved an artistic breakthrough, and notoriety, with his painting The Sick Child (1886). This was the first of many works that explore human, psychological suffering, reflecting his own painful childhood experiences as well as encapsulating ideas about love promoted by his Bohemian friends in Oslo. Munch was an artist who continually pondered, revised and repeated his images,
and the prints are frequently the finest and most powerful versions of his subjects.’

If you’re into his brand of existential agony, check it out.

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  1. Lin Higgins permalink
    October 11, 2009 4:59 pm

    enjoyed this material. was exploring the concept of retro-futurizm as a description of the art that I do. I’m not sure, perhaps with a subtitle, “”the future freaks me out”
    do you recall the t v cartoon, crusader rabbit? I figure he must have part in encouraging the excessive idealizm of the 60’s. I dunnno. lin

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