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Inspiration: Robert Kondo

October 15, 2011
<img style="width: 500px; height: 500px;" src="" alt="" width="499" />

Robert Kondo is an art director at Pixar and he well deserves that role; just look at his beautiful work! His lighting is beautiful and hits the spot where we can 'feel' ourselves inserted into that place, like it's somewhere real, but with odd things happening.

<img style="width: 353px; height: 500px;" src="" alt="" width="352" />

Gotta love that lighting and the combination of desaturated colours with saturation, as in the apples in the painting above.  Look at how he uses shape and colour to such great effect- the shapes are very simple, with a bit of texture to suggest colour. Not too busy, everything in the right place.

We can all learn a lot from that.

<img style="width: 400px; height: 500px;" src="" alt="" width="399" />

If you want to see more (and sure why wouldn't you?) just head over to the US Department of Public Works, click on Kondo's name on the left-hand side and flip through the glory.

<a href=""></a>  &lt;&lt;----HERE!!
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